Beginners Guide: Essential Tools To Start Building

Getting started with building model kits from Bandai and similar brands doesn't require spending a small fortune on tools to get going.  With all the different tools out there, it can be overwhelming.  This is my small list of tools that you will need to build virtually any kit out there:

  • Good nippers
  • 400 grit and 600 grit sand paper or sanding sticks.  Both preferably.

That is really it!  I recommend 400 and 600 grit to expedite cleaning nub marks.  Higher grits may be used to give the part a more finished looked.  Get 800, 1000, and 2000 grit.  The sticks will be will be for flat surfaces and the paper will be for curved surfaces.

Good nippers are a must and you don't want to go cheap on them.  It's the main tool for cutting parts off the runners and you will be using it a lot.  Having sharp nippers makes cleaning nub marks easier and helps with reducing stress marks on the parts.  I went with some dirt cheap nippers for about $5 on Amazon when I first started.  They sucked and left so much stress marks on the plastic.  You don't need God Hands (holy grail of nippers for model kits).  If you have the money for it, then get them.  They do cut like butter.  $15 to $30 should be a good ball park and will go a long way for a nipper.

Having these two to three formerly mentioned tools will essentially enable you to build almost any Bandai or similar brand model kits out there.  I will dive into more advanced and useful other tools in future blog posts.  Look forward to reading them.

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